BumpIn Social Media

BumpIn Social Media provides two types of products

i) BumpIn SocialBar

SocialBar adds a rich set of features to your website making it engaging, sticky and social; resulting in increased traffic

SocialBar is meant to enhance visitor experience with interactive and intuitive features. The bar rests at the bottom of the page and provides a variety of social and site specific features at just a click of a button. SocialBar is comprehensive and can be customized. BumpIn SocialBar's features include IM Chat, Shoutbox, Chatbox and Social Navigation.

ii) BumpIn ShoutBox, ChatBox and TagBoard

Easy to use applications that enable the visitors on your page to leave comments, have real time discussions and have one to one chats

ShoutBox enables visitors on your page to share their opinions with other visitors making the whole experience more engaging. The ChatBox adds the possibility of having private conversations with other visitors on your website, allowing them to discuss their views, increasing visitor loyalty even further.

• Free Hosted Shoutbox, Chat Box, Tagboard and Chatrooms. Simply Copy&Paste Code, No Need to Install Anything
• Fully Customize Chat box for blogs, Wordpress, Blogger and Forums
• Lightweight Ajax Shoutbox, Tagboard and Flash Chat
• Choose color, theme, size and many configuration options that suit your website
• Advanced web based Admin Control Panel - delete messages, clear history, snub a user, block/unblock by IP and more...
• Multiple Embedding Options: Facebook Style Chat, Sidebar, or traditional Chatroom
• Broadcasts + Private Chat

Real Time Visitors
Online Games



  • Add Social Conversations
  • Enable Interaction Between Visitors
  • Add Social Navigation
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Retain Visitors
  • Talk to Your Visitors
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